Difficulty: Easy


  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Basic Command Line

Difficulty: Beginner


  1. Quick Setup
  2. Configure Bonsai
  3. Create Local Environment
  4. Deploy Staging Site
  5. Deploy Production Site


Configure Bonsai

Author: Mason Lawlor

01: Configure Bonsai Create Github Repository Configure Trellis/group_vars Configre Trellis/hosts Configure Security (See masterclass for security class) Configure site/wp-cli.yml Configure site/scripts     Create Github Repository Create a Github Account…

Create Local Environment

Author: Mason Lawlor

02: Create Local Environment Set Permissions Deploy local environment   Set Permissions Before you run the scripts, you have to give your computer permission to run them. Run: cd ~/sites/Bonsai/site/scripts…

Deploy Staging Site

Author: Mason Lawlor

  03: Deploy Staging Site Commit and Publish to Github Check DNS Propagation Run Staging shell script   Commit and Publish to Github Your staging site is going to deploy…

Deploy Production Site

Author: Mason Lawlor

  04: Deploy Production Site Run Production Script   Run Production Script Run: cd ~/sites/bonsai-master/site/scripts && ./production.sh