Welcome to The Bonsai Challenge.

Resources, rules, and prizes below.

Free Notion Template: https://www.notion.so/jackalopemedia/Bonsai-Challenge-Template-b5bf982c55b24dac9dbf9d54e9cea075


Meditation: At least 10 minutes of mediation per day. I recommend using the Waking Up app by Sam Harriss. DM me on IG and I’ll send you a free month.

Journaling: At least 250 words of whatever is on your mind. If you need inspiration, check out The Artist’s Way which has a 12-week writing course.

Publish: Publish at least one piece of content per day on your platform of choice– IG, FB, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitch, etc.

Exercise: Do some form of exercise that requires an elevated heart rate for at least 15 minutes per day.

Abstain: Find a weakness of yours and abstain from it for 33 days. 1x per week for 33 days. Then 2x per week for 33 days.

Hydrate: Drink at least one gallon of water per day (3.8 liters).

Education: Read at least 10 pages of non-fiction per day. That’s equal to about 10-15 minutes of audio.

Measure: At least one progress photo per day. ****Track everything!

Breathing: At least one holotropic breathwork session per day (see the Wim Hof Method).

Exposure: At least one cycle of hot/cold exposure per day (see the Wim Hof Method).


First place prize is going to be a choice between an Oculus Quest 2 or getting 1 hour with Matthew Encina, Chief Content Officer of The Futur.

Looking to add more prizes as we go.

DM me to join.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bonsai.challenge